Neo Bottle-O Sleeve

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The Neo Bottle-O Sleeve is made out of upcycled wetsuits. This versatile product fits various bottle sizes and shapes due to its strong, stretchy quality and drawstring function. Perfect for helping to keep your reusable water bottle chilled. It will fit bottles up to 1.5l. The strap makes it really easy to carry your bottle with you. A brilliant additional gift idea along with a bottle of wine or champagne for that special occasion too. Choice of all black or black with a pop of colour depending on the wetsuits we have in stock. 

As with the nature of upcycling, slight variations will apply to each final product as each carries character from its adventurous past. Continue the adventure!
10% of the Neo Collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland - a charity who do phenomenal work rehabilitating and rescuing seal pups around the coast of Ireland.

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