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"It's only waste if we waste its potential"

Now, more than ever, we need to support these innovative, design and business ideas that are offering waste solutions and those which will help to implement a more sustainable, circular economy. There are so many amazing things happening.

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Re Source

Re Source provides a platform for sourcing waste streams (resources) and connecting these with designers who can repurpose them.

Does your business have a waste stream that could be a resource? Are you a designer looking for materials to use?

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Re Source Wanted

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Upholstery Material
CDs / DVDs
Boat Sails

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Bubble Wrap
Gazebo Tent Covers

Why choose upcycled?


We rescue and transform materials that otherwise would have gone to landfill. The results are unique and sustainable products.


By supporting these forward thinking designers - you are voting to help make the world a more sustainable place and to continue the story and adventure of materials that still have so much life to give.

Little by little, together we make a greater impact.


Our products are locally made with locally salvaged materials. Environmental consideration is at the forefront of each stage - from source, to design, to materials, to process and packaging.