Upcycled Wetsuits

Bags & accessories made for everyday adventures from upcycled wetsuits.
Handmade with respect for the environment and a passion for a more sustainable world.

NEO - from the word 'neoprene' (the material wetsuits are made from) 
and neo - meaning 'new' - a nod to the new life of the wetsuits.

10% of this collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the reuse and reimagining of otherwise discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. Upcycling continues the life of the object, keeps it out of landfill and adds value.

The 'up' refers to the value and quality added.

Is upcycling the same as recycling?

No! The main difference between the two is the process.

Recycling essentially breaks down the material. This can then be reformed into something new, but the broken down fibers tend to be of lessor quality. Often it is blended with virgin material to give it strength. Resources and energy are used throughout the processes. eg: recycled plastic bottle broken down into fibers and turned into a t-shirt. 

Whereas upcycling is more energy efficient and materials are not broken down or degraded - instead, they are re-imagined and repurposed - adding value and quality while extending the lifespan of the material. eg: laptop case made from old wetsuits

"It's only waste if we waste its potential"

- Lynn Haughton, Founder of The Upcycle Movement

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