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Our Ear Savers take the pressure off ears while wearing a face mask, creating a more comfortable experience for the wearer. They help prevent rubbing from the elastic which can occur on the ears when wearing a mask for an extended period of time or for those with more delicate skin. They are also handy if you have small ears (like me!) and struggle to comfortably keep the elastic in place around the ear with the average face mask!

Our design is unisex and multi-fit. It slips over a pony tail OR sits snuggly at the nape of your neck. Hook the elastic from the face mask around the buttons to secure. If the elastic is still a little loose - it can be looped around again for a tighter fit. 

Handy tip: wrap one elastic strap once or twice around one button, put on your face mask, then pull the second strap around the other button.

Our Ear Savers are made from black upcycled wetsuits (neoprene). This material is soft, light and stretchy and very comfortable to wear.

These can be washed and sterilized in warm water and Milton. 

Select preferred button colour option at check out. Our Ear Savers are designed to wear alongside face masks with elastic that sits behind the ear. 

One size fits most. c. 13 cm x 4.5cm

Select preferred button colour option at check out. 

Our Neo 'Be The Change' makes for a useful pouch to keep your mask and Ear Saver safe in your bag or on the go. It has a key ring on the inside to connect it to another bag so you dont forget it! 

As with the nature of upcycling, slight variations will apply to each final product as each carries character from its adventurous past. 

10% of the Neo Collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland who do phenomenal work rehabilitating and rescuing seal pups around the coast of Ireland as well as helping to protect our environment. 

Upcycled. Ethical. Irish. Awesome.

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