J. Murphy & Sons Ltd - Nylon Slings

Every year, Civil Engineering company J. Murphy & Sons Ltd use 1000s of slings in different lengths and sizes. These are strong and could lend themselves to many uses when they are retired. So, wanting to do more, Projects Manager Chris Fox contacted me to see could I create something for their office from them.

(Check out the video on the project at the end of this post)


I created a bench, stool and recycle bin for J. Murphy & Sons Ltd Ireland office. These designs will last a very long time. They provide function as well as making an environmental statement and talking piece for the foyer - the entrance of the company. 

The slings were doubled up - so I separated them. This made it easier to work with them and weave them - as well as maximising the value of the sling. I also removed and washed the grey/silver handle and reused this for the top of the bin.


Many were very dirty with oil and muck - or had frayed sections. These were all cleaned up and salvaged. 


They were cut to size and I used the technique of weaving for all 3 designs. 


See the results below:

Recycle Bin




Box Stool


Delivering them to J. Murphy & Sons Ltd before they are put in situ


Does your company have a waste stream you'd like to see reused and upcycled? Get in touch - I'd love to help!