Makes You Think Challenge


I get challenged to upcycle things all the time and I love nothing more than getting lost in a creative project and re-imagining new uses for items. So I thought that I would throw the challenge back out there to you - and anyone who would like to take it on as a fun activity and distraction to do at home while we all stay in during the pandemic.

The workshops I usually facilitate are designed to encourage creative, resourceful and innovative thinking. It helps those who participate to begin to look at items in a new way. It helps to see the potential in items that maybe wasn't seen before.

Below are some challenges - for kids and/or adults to get involved in. I'll be adding more, so check back in.

We'd love you to take part! Remember to tag us on instagram @the_upcycle_movement and use the hashtag #makesyouthinkchallenge and we will share your creations on our stories. Or email them to

Let's inspire each other with our ideas!

Have fun!!

I can't wait to see what you create!

Lynn x

#MakesYouThinkChallenge 1

Spell out your name using things you find around the house or garden. Just like we did for the words 'Makes You Think'. Can you find objects that look like letters? 



#MakesYouThinkChallenge 2

Find some random objects. Look at them closely and use your imagination and draw what they could be! Include the object in the drawing. See the video for examples. 



#MakesYouThinkChallenge 3

For Fashion Revolution Week - we've set a fashion challenge!

Dress our fashion croquis with finds from your house or garden!

Download and print our fashion croquis here  

These were kindly drawn by our friend and talented artist Christina Dougherty.

You can follow her work on Instagram @c.a.dougherty

Thank you Christina!

Check out the video below and don't forget to tag us with your creations! @the_upcycle_movement and use hashtag #makesyouthinkchallenge



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