Siemens Gamesa - Wind Turbine Tarp

I was commissioned by Siemens Gamesa to design and make something for the delegates at the 2019 Irish Wind Energy Association Conference from wind turbine tarp. This tarp was used to transport Siemens Gamesa wind turbines to Grousemount Wind farm and would otherwise be sent to landfill. However, it is such a wonderful, strong material - Siemens Gamesa didn't want to see it go to waste.

We decided on creating a tote bag for the conference delegates from the material. Instead of giving a new cotton or canvas tote bag filled with unnecessary fliers etc - Siemens Gamesa wanted to use this material, save it from landfill and share an important message about reuse in doing so. The bag didn't have any leaflets or promotional materials in it. Instead the bag itself was a message about reuse, renewal and sustainability. Even the straps are from the same tarp. We made over 350 large bags. The final result is a bag that will last a very long time and has many uses.

I am extremely honoured to have been asked to work on this project and really admire the innovative and forward thinking behind it. 

See below some images from the project.



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