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Neo Coasters are versatile neoprene coasters which have been designed, made and screenprinted by hand in Ireland using rescued wetsuits.

These are practical, eco friendly and beautiful. The repurposed neoprene offers many benefits. It is light and soft and so will not scratch the surface on which it sits. The underside is non slip and so will not move easily. It is absorbent and will absorb any droplets that may trickle down a cold beer for example. Ideal surface protection for under a teapot, coffee maker or hot pot.

Great for alfresco dining or camping. Nice option for a campervan as they can also double up as a protective buffer or silencer between bowls and plates to help prevent rattle or breakage while on the move. May require more than one between each depending on the design of the crockery. Also a clever idea for them is to create a surface space with them to place drying dishes on.

Another nice idea is to use them under a pets bowl to prevent slippage and absorb spillage. Similarly, these are ideal for under an indoor plant pot or toothbrush holder to prevent any staining or water mark on the counter surface.

Hexagonal design which has many uses singularly or connect them to create a larger surface area to suit your needs. Practical and versatile for your adventures.

Can be handwashed and air dried. 

There are 3 design options available. Coasters can be sold individually or as a set of 4. If you wish to mix and match the styles in your set of 4 - please specify which ones you'd like in the notes at checkout. 

Option of 3 styles

Marrakech - design inspired by the beautiful decorative tiles and craftmanship I fell in love with while travelling in Morocco. The pattern of these coasters connect with each other offering a wonderful option to create a larger seamless surface area for many uses.

Pohoiki - design inspired by my time in Hawaii and the incredible textures and swirls of the black lava from Kilauea underfoot at a very special spot called Pohoiki.

Causeway - inspired by the stunning hexagonal basalt columns and the legend of the Giants Causeway, Co Antrim, Ireland.

As with the nature of upcycling and handmade products - slight variations will apply to each final product as each carries character from its adventurous past.  These may includes creases, markings, variations in shade or thickness.

Measurement: 10cm width point to point

10% of the Neo Collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland who do phenomenal work rehabilitating and rescuing seal pups around the coast of Ireland as well as helping to protect our environment. 

Upcycled. Ethical. Irish. Awesome.

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