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Neo Connect is a cleverly designed, multi purpose and multi-way strap.

Made from upcycled wetsuits - it is incredibly comfy, light, strong, stretchy and handy!

It can be used in many ways.

Ideal as a strap for your bag, purse, camera, Go Pro, fin key. Wear it on your wrist to keep a key while out jogging, cycling or on the water. Hang it from the buggy and use it to connect your purse or bottle or bag. Loop it on your belt. Or even open it out and use it as a clothes line to dry your bikini after a dip! There are so many uses for it - use it your own way!

Adjustable for multi purpose. 

Clips on to our other bags and pouches. Connect Neo 'Be The Change' to Neo Totes. Or turn Neo Nomad into a clutch with strap. Or connect it to Neo Pioneer and use it as a beach bag.

Wear it. Hang it. Loop it. Clip it. Connect it.

Made from rescued wetsuits. We know the adventure doesn’t need to stop for these materials just because they’ve come to the end of their original purpose. Continue the adventure!

Strap measurement c. 30cm x 2cm. Split rings 25mm

10% of the Neo Collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland who do phenomenal work rehabilitating and rescuing seal pups around the coast of Ireland as well as helping to protect our environment. 

Upcycled. Ethical. Irish. Awesome.

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