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Our Neo Visionary Pouches are made from upcycled wetsuits and zipper pulley from upcycled fishing net! Since they are made from wetsuit - this means they are protective and soft - making them the perfect pal to keep your goggles from rattling around your swimming bag and from getting scratched. And while you're in the water - our Neo Visionary Pouch can make an ideal place to keep your watch or jewelry while you wear your goggles!

Not a goggle wearer? No worries! Neo Visionary is also designed to fit sunglasses. So whether you're a swimmer or not, Neo Visionary can keep your eye wear protected.

Designed to keep your lens's scratch free, we have added in a protective layer of wetsuit on the underside of the zip so that the zip doesn't touch off the goggles while opening or closing. It has a chunky zip which won't damage or rust from wet goggle water droplets. It also has an end tab which makes opening and closing easy. This has a hole for option of hanging or attaching to inside of a bag. Measures c. 16cm x 10cm

Our Neo Connect strap is a great companion and clips on to the eyelet for a handy additional option for carrying.

We know the adventure doesn’t need to stop for these materials just because they’ve come to the end of their original purpose. Let's continue the adventure!

We love the fishing net zipper pulley made from washed up fishing net. Not only because it's also repurposed and strong - but because it also represents our mission to help protect our oceans and environment and to keep our seal pals safe. 10% of the Neo Collection goes to Seal Rescue Ireland who do phenomenal work rehabilitating and rescuing seal pups around the coast of Ireland as well as helping to protect our environment. 

Upcycled, ethical and awesome!

* Please bear in mind that these are not hard cases - they offer a protective layer for inside a bag or on it's own - but will not offer full protection for goggles/glasses in all circumstances such as getting sat on or squished! 

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