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Because every little piece counts! Neo Art Pieces are individual works of art made by hand by our Founder and Designer - Lynn Haughton. Offcuts of wetsuit material from the making of our Neo Collection are saved and have been used creatively to make these unique works of art. 

We work with the little bits. The offcuts. Pieces that maybe on their own aren't valued or seen as useful. But we see their worth and know their value. And so we bring them together, like puzzle pieces. Together they create a bigger impact. They create a statement.
It's a reminder of how we sometimes view our own efforts as individuals trying to make changes in the climate crisis as pointless. Sure, why bother? What difference can I make on my own?
But we are all like puzzle pieces. Our choices and actions are valuable and each of us makes an impact - which creates the bigger picture. 

Choice of styles:

Slate Wall - a nod in style to the traditional Irish slate wall - this Neo Art Piece is made from colourful strips of wetsuit. Some are thicker than others which gives it a wonderful rugged 3D effect. Colourful and contemporary. 

Bloom - a nod to our love and protection of nature - these individually cut petals, are made using wetsuit offcuts and carefully placed to create a beautiful flower. Choice of black neoprene in black frame or a mix of coloured petals. Each one is backed on natural cork. 

Each piece comes signed by the artist and presented in a box frame 25x25cm. 


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